music HARIS ALEXIOU – Ouzo otan pieis – Live

music HARIS ALEXIOU  - Ouzo otan pieis - Livemusic HARIS ALEXIOU – Ouzo otan pieis – Live
Cine Κεραμεικός.

music HARIS ALEXIOU – Ouzo otan pieis – Live

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    But I pray to all the gods who abide on Olympus that you be granted
    vigorous husbands and that you be able to bear children,
    in accordance with the wishes of your parents. As for me, young girls, take pity.
    To be honest about it, what I want is for you to name for me a house to go to, the house of someone, man or woman, who has phila children to be taken care of.[10]

  2. “Old Mother, we humans endure the gifts the gods give us, even when we are grieving over what has to be.[11]
    They [the gods] are, after all, far better than we are.
    What I now say will be clear advice, and I will name for you
    150 the men who have the great control, divinely given, of tîmê here:
    the men who stand at the forefront of the dêmos and who protect the citadel of the polis with their wise counsel and their straight dikai.

  3. I hope one day we gona look our beautiful things of each, like this. We are two nations who shared music,food,home for a long time. And still we have some connection. Peace. Turkiye.

  4. I want to work for them, 140 honestly. The kind of work that is cut out for a female who has outlived others her own age. I could take some newborn baby in my arms, and nourish him well. I could watch over his house. I would make his bed in the inner recesses of well-built chambers, the royal bed. And I could see to a woman’s tasks.” 145 So spoke the goddess. And she was answered straightaway by the unwed maiden, Kallidikê, the most beautiful of the daughters of Keleos:

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